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Seating Refurbishment

Up until the recent economic disaster it has not been unusual for companies to replace, for aesthetic purposes and even throw away, perfectly good quality furniture, to optimise budget expenditure when all it needs is a refresh BUT lots of companies are now focussed on SAVING MONEY, rather than spending it, and OFFICE SEATING REFURBISHMENT is a VIABLE and VERY ECONOMICAL SOLUTION.

ONCEnvironmental Office Furniture Solutions can refinish your Office Seating in a new colour, of your choice, as we can replace worn or damaged upholstery to such a high quality that staff may never realise that their "new" chair is actually thier "old" chair refurbished.

We can loan you a similar chair(s),  whilst yours is being repaired, we will collect your damaged furniture and deliver it back to you refurbished.  Why extend already tight capital budgets, when you can utilise maintenance budgets to refresh your office environment.

Our company renovates, recovers, and remarkets, around 10,000 chairs, annually, on behalf of corporate clients replacing any damaged components.  The resulting smart, new-looking, comfortable chairs cost 60% less than buying new furniture.

We can replace or service any damaged and worn mechanical parts including:

* Replacement Arms & Backs

* Replace Foam

* Replace Castors or Glides

* Service & Clean Mechanics

* Replace Bases

* Replace Gas Spindles

* Replace Fabrics

ONCEnvironmental Office Furniture Solutions save YOUR money and you save YOUR world!