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At ONCEnvironmental Office Furniture Solutions our team have almost 20 years experience in carrying out Installation, Reconfiguration, and Office Clearance Projects on behalf of our own clients and some Manufacturer clients.

When you are purchasing your "As New" Used Office Furniture from us you can be sure that the installation will be of the highest quality as the furniture installation will be completed by the same team of fitters who removed it from its previous users buildings.

Those key European Office Furniture Manufacturers, who do choose our company to carry out their Key Client installation or reconfiguration work, do so because they understand our commitment to their clients 

Unlike some Office Furniture Installation Teams we don't get our labour in the pub the night before the install, nor do we pay peacemeal rates.

Our fitters are fully employed, and trained, by ONCEnvironmental Office Furniture Solutions.

We are committed to them and they are committed to you, our clients.

We are a YES company, and don't understand the word NO, when it comes to keeping our clients happy and when we start a job we finish it, ON TIME, EVERY TIME.