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Office clearance

ONCEnvironmental Office Furniture Solutions can supply a fully audited, environmentally friendly, solution to your clearance, or disposal, to ensure that your company meets its corporate social responsibility.

We resell 95% of all furniture purchased which avoids hundreds of tonnes of landfill each year.

When It comes to Office Clearance you know you can trust us, to do the job correctly.


We do what we agree to do, we don't promise to clear the building and then leave you with a headache, by taking only what we want and leaving the rest.

ONCEnvironmental Office Furniture Solutions treat your redundant furniture like it was new because our clients, its next owner, will expect it to be "As New" when we deliver, and install.

Our Clearance Team are fully trained Office Furniture Fitters, not cheap casual labour, found in the pub, on the evening before the clearance, who have no regard for your property, or ours, and our team know that they will be putting the furniture back together in a few weeks, for its new owner and that their expectation is high.

ONCEnvironmental Office Furniture Solutions save YOUR money and you save YOUR world.