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Office Furniture Recycling Policy

If we have not already realised, it is our Corporate Social Responsibility to OUR world to recycle where ever possible.

ONCEnvironmental Office Furniture Solutions will supply a fully audited environmental solution to meet your company's CSR.

On provision of the audit trail we help remove your responsibility for disposal of your Office Furniture. We have found that 95% of the product disposed of is totally serviceable and when acquired, and refurbished, by our company it is returned to the market place effectively at least doubling the lifetime usage of each product and therefore reducing our potential waste requirement by 95%.

Our Technical Disposal Team, will discuss & agree schedules, timescales and processes with you, so that you are able to effect any changes agreed within your company, or with third parties, ensuring that the whole recycling process leaves you worry free.

Through our used product retail, and product refurbishment divisions, we recycle merchantable quality used product to reduce the amount of gross wastage, for our clients.

In real terms we recycle 2000 desks, and approximately 10,000 chairs annually by reselling second user product and therefore avoiding natural wastage.  Whilst we feel these are key areas of our responsibility we also acknowledge our other environmental responsibilities and accountability and have integrated these into the day to day operation of our company.  The company is totally committed to meeting, and exceeding, its policy for continual environmental improvement by reducing where possible our impact on the local and global environment.

The company will actively promote the principle of sustainable development by utilizing the following measures:-

  • We will meet, and exceed, all relevant environmental legislation and try to implement, where possible, company standards which exceed them.
  • Seek, through accurate planning, to continually reduce the consumption of raw materials in all areas of our business and increase where possible our use of recycled product when, and where, it is economically feasible.
  • Monitor our operational procedures to ensure that we cause the least possible practical impact on the environment.
  • We will work with suppliers and clients alike to improve the companies environmental performance.
  • Reduce, through careful planning of our delivery schedules, energy utilization and its impact on the environment.
  • Co-operation with appropriate local waste disposal authorities and relevant groups to improve our performance.
  • To undertake practical environmental training for all employees and encourage best working practices at work and in the home.
  • Continuously review and amend our policies and actions to ensure we achieve and exceed our environmental targets where this is practically possible.

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