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Used office Operator Chair

Our Used Product is in "As New" condition and by purchasing Used Office Operators Chairs you are helping the environment as we reduce the landfill requirements of our PLC suppliers by up to 95%, by refurbishing and re-supplying to second users.

RHRH Logic 400 With Head Rest Available In Any Colour Fabric. One In Stock.RH Logic 400 With Head Rest used second hand chair.

New Price: 985.00

Our as new Price: 295.00
With VAT: 354.00
Ref: COP1052


VitraVitra Meda 2 XL Chair Avaialble In Any Colour Fabric On The Seat And BackVitra Meda 2 XL Used second hand chair available in any colour fabric on the seat and back.

New Price: 970.00

Our as new Price: 145.00
With VAT: 174.00
Ref: COP1028


SenatorSenator Enigma S21 Chair Available In Any Colour Fabric 6 IN STOCKSenator Enigma S21 Used Second Hand Chair.

New Price: 395.00

Our as new Price: 165.00
With VAT: 198.00
Ref: COP1077 6 In Stock


RH FormRH Logic 400 Available In Any Colour Fabric 10 IN STOCK.RH Logic 400 used second hand chair with height adjustable arms.

New Price: 876.00

Our as new Price: 255.00
With VAT: 306.00
Ref: COP1100 10 In Stock


HermanMillerHerman Miller Aeron B Size Full Spec Chair With Black Mesh Seat And Back. 10 IN STOCKHerman Miller Aeron B size chair with black mesh seat and back and with adjustable lumbar support. Arms are fabric covered.

New Price: 890.00

Our as new Price: 345.00
With VAT: 414.00
Ref: COPMA1018


HumanscaleHumanscale Freedom Chair With Arms Available In Any Colour Fabric 12 IN STOCKHumanscale Freedom chair with height adjustable arms

New Price: 465.00

Our as new Price: 150.00
With VAT: 180.00
Ref: COP1334 12 In Stock


SteelcaseSteelcase Think Task Chair Available In Any Colour Seat. 22 IN STOCK.Steelcase Think Used Second Hand Task Chair.

New Price: 590.00

Our as new Price: 195.00
With VAT: 234.00
Ref: COP1061 80 In Stock


HumanscaleHumanscale Liberty Chair Available In Any Colour Fabric 25 IN STOCKHumanscale Liberty Mesh Chair Used Second Hand. Seat available in any colour Fabric.

New Price: 509.00

Our as new Price: 225.00
With VAT: 270.00
Ref: COP1400 25 In Stock